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BeGlobal Overview
Hi all! Welcome to the BeGlobal docs where we unravel what we are all about and are trying to achieve.
As most of you know, the crypto space is a very volatile and unforgiving environment.
We aim to make it as safe as possible in order for you to succeed as a investor.
The BeGlobalDAO team has been working for a very long time to find a way for EVERYONE to be able to take control of their money and invest it like a VC/pro would do it.
This way, besides making well considered decisions, you are able to pursue your financial freedom and in extend potential generational wealth by investing in to projects that YOU believe in and WE filtered out so we only offer the ones with the greatest chances of success.
Presales are our core business but is not even close to all we offer.
We have farms for all the farm degens out there as this is still a very beloved way of earning interest.
Our staking has you covered if you don't want to LP farm but still want to earn. Adding on top that the longer you stake and the bigger your $GLBD bag is, the more benefits you will get in regard to the private sales.
We want to have as much utility as possible which is very handy for you as user, because you can go to 1 place for all your needs, but also for us because this solidifies our position in the market and our exposure.
What else do we have in store for you?
An NFT market place for all your NFT desires where you can get the latest item of a collection or even one of our very own NFT's which give you EVEN MORE benefits in any ongoing private sales.
Borrowing/lending is offer to give you the most flexibility as an investor. Borrow stables,... and collateralize this loan so you can do more with your money without the need of selling your assets OR Lend out your money that is hanging around in your wallet to earn some interest along the way
Even having all this doesn't mean that we are not still constantly looking for the next BIG thing and maybe even pioneer it.
TLDR: We want to be YOUR safe haven to invest, where you can everything you want or need in a safe environment with a team that does not only have to goal to innovate and offer as much utility as possible but also to help YOU succeed and minimalize YOUR chance to gain your long desired financial freedom

Be Smart, Be Global

Let's take this journey together.

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