Private Sales

IPSOS (Initial Private Sale Offering)
In the midst of the IDO craze in the crypto space, we focus on offering quality private presales to our token holders.
Private sale token prices usually have much better pricing than IDO’s.
But there are many crypto projects out there and you aren’t sure which projects give the most return on your investment? Don’t worry.
Our experienced team does an extensive due diligence and puts all potential projects through extreme filters to present you with nothing but quality projects with the most potential!
Our CEO wrote an entire article on our presales and what we aim to accomplish with these! 💪🏻 How to survive in a bear market or how to make money with PRIVATE presales 🤑
So how can you participate in these presales?
Our requirements are dynamic depending on the current token price, the type of project, amount of allocation we can offer.
All information gets announced prior to the presales going live.
Keep a VERY close eye on our Telegram announcement channel as you will get all the information there several hours before we announce it on Twitter, TG, FB, .. (This is YOUR way to stay ahead of the herd)!
As we mentioned in our roadmap we will be working on a tier system rewarding loyal long-term $GLBD holders, but this will be explained in detail once it’s time.
We use both the “Overflow” and the “FCFS" (First Come First Serve)” method.
See the FAQ for the detailed explanation.
After a presale you have invested in closes, the unused amount of BUSD will be returned to your wallet if it was “Overflowed'' by clicking “claim” on the presale page.
But all your deposited wsGLBD will be in predetermined days of vesting period (the vesting starts at the end of each presale).
They are linearly vested so you can recover your wsGLBD anytime during the vesting. (For example if vesting would be 50 days, you will receive 2% back each day)
Why is it so complicated?
Because making it this way, we are able to give you the auto-compounding rebase rewards WHILE in vesting/being wrapped.
Your $GLBD will never stop earning! And of course you can re-use your recovered wsGLBD for the next presale you would like to invest in!
Management fee: We usually charge around 9% management fee for each presale. It’ll be charged on your final BUSD allocation.
The fee is used for maintaining the protocol, token buybacks, to cover the development costs as well as to pay for the future presale allocations in advance, ... It is necessary for us to charge the management fee in order to ensure the sustainability of our project and they’ll eventually benefit us all in the long run.
This is a very small price to pay in order to participate in these presales as many of them already had very good returns on investment. (Check our presale page for the current all time highs)
You can get into Private Sales here