How to get into Private Sale
Step 1: Buy the $GLBD token from our dapp/swap using $BUSD. (Use $BUSD as it has the most liquidity!)
Step 2: Stake your $GLBD on the staking tab. You will receive sGLBD as a receipt.
Step 3: Wrap your newly acquired sGLBD into wsGLBD in the wrap section below the staking.
Step 4: Go to the Private Sales page, deposit the required minimum (or more) amount of BUSD to invest. (Approve wsGLBD and BUSD first!) Your wsGLBD will be deposited automatically proportionate to the amount of BUSD you wish to invest.
You can add to this balance any time you want for as long as the presale is live and you have the required amount of wsGLBD. You can use the calculator provided on the private sales page by entering the amount you want to invest into the “invest BUSD box”. It will show you how much $GLBD/wsGLBD you need right below.
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