​​What is BeGlobalDAO? aims to be your preferred DeFi site offering trading (swaps), optimizer (auto-compound), Top Project Private Sales, Lending and Borrowing and NFTs with multiple utilies, among others.
DeFi 1.0
These protocols are collections of liquidity pools, which are funds of locked cryptocurrencies that typically contain 2 different cryptocurrencies/tokens. Users who contribute liquidity to the DeFi protocol are known as “Liquidity Providers” (LPs), in exchange for locking their funds in these liquidity pools, they are rewarded proportional to the amount of funds they lock.
This is called “yield farming”, and it is the traditional way in which DeFi protocols encourage users to contribute liquidity.
Under this format, the liquidity of DeFi protocols is completely dependent on the liquidity providers, which translates into a quite a few fundamental disadvantages: Users can migrate their liquidity to other protocols once they don't need their services anymore or if they decide to hunt for different protocols who offer higher APY.
Large-scale yield farming of certain tokens by whales can have a tremendous effect on the protocol. (people who have significant impact on the liquidity pools or token price if they decide to withdraw or sell their tokens)

OlympusDAO protocols attempted to solve the problem of sustainable liquidity of the DeFi 1.0 protocols using a very different approach.
The solution proposed by OlympusDAO is to own its own liquidity.
This is also known as Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL).
Being a POL eliminates the problem of liquidity providers moving away, since the liquidity is now owned by the DAO.
The treasury gets deployed for the backing of the token. (usually backed at 1$)
Once the token goes below the backing price, the treasury will buyback and burn tokens to get at or above the backing price again.
Bonding and staking are designed to keep people invested in exchange for discounts on the market price.
Offering investors with both short- and long-term benefits has the primary aim to keep their liquidity within the protocol avoiding major or constant sell-offs.

Forking is essentially copying an existing protocol and using it as a starting point for your own.
The reason this is powerful is that you retain all of the revision history from the original protocol giving an unbroken chain of revisions reaching all the way back to the time of the original protocol's creation.
But also remaining the possibility to improve, change, add or delete anything you want. This is especially interesting for starting protocols as they don't need countless hours to develop the base.

Born as a fork of OlympusDAO (2.0), BeGlobalDAO aims to be MUCH more than that.
We evolved from 1.0 and 2.0 striving to become THE PLACE TO BE in the world of DeFi to securely explore the world of crypto, trade and invest.
Generating wealth through the $GLBD token by:
-Staking and/or Farming
-Gaining access to exclusive Private Presales with ridiculous potential
-Trading/collecting NFT's
-... (as we are ALWAYS expanding our horizon and looking to offer more value to our community)
We are waiting for you to join our BeGlobal Community! Our OFFICIAL social media profiles are listed below 👇👇👇
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