​ Are we SAFU?

Our goal is to provide you with the best DeFi platform available in the crypto space. However, the code is not enough in the beginning of any project. Trust is earned through time and we want to speed up this process by ensuring you, our community and our investors, that we are fully transparent (and won't be running away with your money).
Our V1.0 was successfully audited by Certik, one of the most respectable in the industry with the highest of standards.
The V2.0 is a fork of OlympusDAO. Their code was audited 2 times so far by Peckshield and Omniscia.
Every change or addition we implement is written by very experienced developers and overlooked by the CEO himself.
We always take more time than is needed to complete an extensive period of testing to ensure the security of all our changes before moving it to production.
Safety is our biggest priority while we are developing so investors feel absolutely safe to participate in the various features we offer.