About $GLBD

BeGlobal numbers !

🗞 General Information

Ticker Symbol: GLBD
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Total GLBD supply as of May 2022: 325,871 GLBD

Contract addresses:

GLBD - 0xD177E36377E71775d6f9956B3fDD0f02664C6996 (Decimals: 9)
sGLBD - 0xFD01d18fb6FeC77D1833F20dC38DeA837f4E914C (Decimals: 9)
wsGLBD - 0xEFCD1d0BA69D13987A06A2516fd63c410a6cc2F8 (Decimals: 18)
GLBD token supply increases via bonds, tokens get minted when people invest this way. (As well as increasing the treasury)
In essence it is an inflationary token…. but….