How to buy in the presale rounds
Token contract (add it in your metamask if you want to see how many $GLOBALs you have): 0xcf958b53ec9340886d72bb4f5f2977e8c2ab64d3. See details below if you want more specific instructions.
The contract used for the presale (the one that will receive your investment and mint $GLOBAL to you) is this one: 0x46fd3695faF3100ec3000f7E1903f9Db94cFBf19. You don't have to do anything with this contract, this is just for your information.
Both contracts are verified in Bscscan.

How to buy in the public presale round

After the long-awaited public presale (Certik audit takes time!), we are finally doing the public presale!
Where? In our website.
1. Go to our website. Scroll down a bit and you will see a countdown with a button stating "Buy $GLOBAL".
2. Move your mouse on top of the button "Buy $GLOBAL" and you will see the option to connect your wallet. Click on it and connect the wallet.
3. You will see the following image:
4. Once it's 18:00 CET, you will be able to input how many BNBs you want to invest and click on "Buy $GLOBAL". Metamask (or your preferred wallet) will open, asking you to confirm the transaction.
When? Presale will take place on Wednesday 3rd, 18:00 CET and it will last for 48h. It will be opened for at least 1 hour.
How? You simply connect your wallet to our website and you will see an option to write how many BNB you want to buy and a button stating "Buy $GLOBAL". Simply put how many BNBs you want to invest and click the button. You will automatically receive the tokens in your wallet.
1) Try to increase gas to 150.000 and to, at least 10 GWEI, to make sure that you transaction goes through.
2) Your $GLOBAL tokens will be in your wallet, but you won't be able to transfer/buy/sell them until a few hours before farming starts, scheduled for Saturday 6th. We will announce when $GLOBAL can be freely used.
3) The max. purchase per wallet is 25BNB.
4) See below how to add $GLOBAL to your metamask/other wallets.
Reminder: public presale allows you to buy 4350 $GLOBAL tokens per every BNB invested. Launch will be at 4100 $GLOBAL tokens per BNB.

How to add $GLOBAL to your wallet

  1. 1.
    Scroll down the list of tokens in your wallet and click on "Add token" as shown below.
2. Input the contract address of $GLOBAL (18 decimals): 0xcf958b53ec9340886d72bb4f5f2977e8c2ab64d3
3. Click on "Next" and then "Add tokens" and you will see $GLOBAL in your wallet.
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