Stake, Wrap & Bonds

Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)
As mentioned earlier, the protocol owns most of its liquidity. It has several functions as described below:

Stake (sGLBD)

When you stake your GLBD, you'll receive rebase rewards.
Our rebase cycle happens every 12 hours. It has the auto-compounding feature so you don't have to manually harvest to then restake.
The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) shown in the page is based on compounding your rebase rewards 2-times per day for 365 days.
When you stake your GLBD, you’ll receive sGLBD (staked GLBD) as a receipt.
When you unstake, your sGLBD will be converted back to GLBD and will receive the same amount as it converts 1:1.
You can stake here.

Wrap (wsGLBD)

Staked GLBD (sGLBD) needs to be wrapped in order to get into Private Sales. Wrapped sGLBD (wsGLBD) keeps the staked condition, so it gets rewards even when it is vested.
You won't see any changes until you unwrap them.
You can wrap here.


You can acquire GLBD tokens with a discounted price compared to the market price (% of the discount rate is dynamic).
It has a 15-day linear vesting period. You may choose to claim your available portion of GLBD anytime within the vesting period.
There are two options for redeeming your vested tokens. One is “Claim” and the other is “Claim and Autostake”. “Claim” means the token will go to your wallet. “Claim and Autostake” will make the redeemed token go straight into staking.
There are BUSD bonds and BUSD/GLBD LP bonds. You can acquire the LP’s from the liquidity section of our dapp/swap. It is a part of the POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) system in which you are able to "sell" your liquidity to the protocol instead of "lending" it to the protocol as you see in traditional DeFi 1.0 farming.
You will gain access to the protocol minted token ($GLBD) for a discounted price for providing (selling) your liquidity.
You can bond here.